Innovator Partnership

Sportello Matematico per l'Industria Italiana (SMII) (Mathematical Office for Italian Industry)

Sportello Matematico per l'Industria Italiana (Mathematical Office for Italian Industry) is the new reference point for the SMEs in the mathematical sector, having a very efficient and qualified counselling in area of scientific and technological transfer, based especially on mathematics. The collaboration between La Sportello Matematico (Mathematical Office) and our reality can offer the enterprises a series of more complete competence to innovate and propose those using the HPC systems a new range of services oriented toward scientific and mathematical analysis.


ICT Pole

Polo di Innovazione ICT (Innovating Pole ICT) appears as an interlocutor between the companies that need technological infrastructures and the suppliers of such innovation processes, encouraging and coordinating the supply and demand. The objective is to increase the business opportunities and to create a synergy between different ICT companies in Piemonte. Aethia is part of 150 companies which joined Polo ICT and proposes to put at the disposal of the companies its competencies in innovation to contribute to the development of new research path and new opportunities.

bioPmed Pole

bioPmed was a project that was designed in 2009 with the help of Piemonte region to fund the activities connected to the biomedical sector and human sector. Today, Polo di Innovazione (Innovating Pole) has a network of more than 390 companies, 3 universities, several research centres and companies working in biotechnology. All the initiatives are managed and administrated by the scientific and technological park Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, to which Aethia is part of. The objective is to put at the disposal of the companies its specialized competencies and to promote synergies for research and development.

Imprese Innovative Torino (iTO) (Innovating Companies Torino)

iTo, Imprese Innovative Torino (Innovating Companies Torino) is the idea of the Chamber of Commerce in Torino to add value to all companies that, as Aethia, consider innovation the centre of their activities. As a company joining this project, Aethia makes itself available for companies that need advanced technological solutions in order to develop their business and competitiveness. Due to iTo, excellent technologies can be identified in the Piemonte region to institute synergies and commence international research projects. The companies that are part of the circuit can be immediately identified due to a distinctive symbol.

University of Torino

The long term partnership with the Theoretical Chemistry Group within the University of Torino resulted in an important collaboration in the academic environment. An example can be CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS, the result of an agreement between the University and Aethia, which given the latter the exclusive right to distribute and sell worldwide the software CRYSTAL and CRYSCOR, computation applications dedicated to chemistry and physics of solid state. It does not handle only the management, but only the specialized technical support to offer counselling related to the product and its use.

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