Customized support

Walk on a safe road

Companies loose a great number of customers due to the low quality of their support services. About 1 consumer out of 2 changes its company because it is discontented with the services received.

In the HPC service, the importance of a continual and dedicated support is essential: the systems used are complex; they need a constant control to maintain them on top and to obtain a maximum advantage from your investment.

Aethia makes available its own competence related to one-to-one support, which is supervised by an expert team, specialized in HPC systems and solutions.

In detail, the support activities include:

  • hardware and software maintenance
  • monitoring, control and diagnosis of systems
  • full management of damages and replacement of components
  • configuration and optimization of working tools for users
  • integration of new and more efficient components and technologies
  • software update, specific counselling and indications related to more appropriate technological choice (hardware, software, conditions in the server room...)
  • specific support in case documents and information are missing

Have the assistance of Aethia allows you to have some fundamental advantages:

  • improving your work time and increase productivity
  • reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • capitalization of your investments

In order to support the IT systems management and use, we offer remote and on-site support contracts. We use customized formulae, based on yearly contracts or hourly packages:

  1. Yearly maintenance contract: assistance and support service by phone to maintain/rest the correct operation of the systems delivered (new configurations and installations are excluded)
  2. Hourly package contract: assistance and support service by phone.
  3. Yearly full managed contract: full system management service.