Beolive HPC Suite

High performance tools

Beolive HPC Suite is a complete and productive software platform for HPC systems users. It makes available all the tools necessary to perform simulations, analysis, mining and processing over large amounts of data.

Typical applications:

  • installation and use of commercial and open source software packages
  • serial or parallel jobs submission to execution queues
  • development and optimization of parallel computational codes

What is included

  • tools for the execution of commands on several hosts (es. pdsh)
  • job management (e.g. Torque+MAUI)
  • optimized compliers (e.g. Intel Composer XE)
  • library for scientific calculations (e.g. LAPACK/SCALAPCK, BLAS, MKL *, GSL, ...)
  • tools for data processing and visualization (e.g. R, Octave, Matlab *, ...)
  • parallel programming (e.g. OpenMPI, MPICH2, OpenMP)
  • Infiniband stack (OFED)
  • GPU computing (e.g. CUDA)

(*) Optional commercial Software


  • Beolive HPC Suite is the result of our experience of more than fifteen years and provides an integrate set of software tools to respond to all the typical demands related to the usage of Linux clusters.
  • The basic version of Beolive HPC Suite makes exclusive use of open-source software and it is designed to be easily used by any type of user, including SMEs, universities and research centres. For specific needs, it's possible to integrate commercial technologies.
  • Beolive HPC Suite can be used from the user's desktop computer through its friendly graphical interface Beolive Client.

Beolive HPC Suite is provided with all Aethia's HPC systems (workstations, servers and clusters) and it can be installed on third parties hardware on demand.

In evidence

Beolive Client is integrated into Beolive Cluster Manager: