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15 Mar

Europe’s Future in HPC

European officials and research scientists discuss why high performance computing is a vital component of the technologies that touch our daily lives. The discussion was part...

28 Sep

Will HPC Move to the Cloud?

As years have passed, HPC has transitioned from unique and proprietary designs, to clusters of many dual-CPU Intel nodes. Vendors' products are now differentiated more by...

06 Sep

PRACE Offers Supercomputing 101 Course

PRACE is offering an online Supercomputing 101 course through the Future Learn program. This free online course will introduce you to what supercomputers are, how they...

08 May

The case for investing in high-performance computing

HPC encompasses the computing, communications and networking technologies that go into the world's most powerful supercomputers. HPC also includes the systems software, applications, tools, algorithms, mathematical...

07 Feb

Cineca HPC Courses

CINECA offers every year a comprehensive teaching program in the field of Scientific Computing, to provide support to scientists who need advanced training in order to...

19 Jan

AMD Spills Details on Vega GPU Architecture

Radeon GPUs based on AMD's next-generation “Vega" architecture will soon be shipping. The chipmaker unveiled some of the details of the new graphics processor in an...

22 Dec

HPC in 2016: Hits and Misses

As the year draws to close, TOP500 News looks back at some of the most prominent trends of the past 12 months in the world of...