EXA-W Linux Workstation

Productivity at high levels

Tera-W is a workstation based on high quality hardware and on an open source software platform which brings you an excellent price/performance ratio. We can work with applications from different professional environments, among which:

  • Scientific calculations
  • CAD 2D and 3D drawing
  • Data processing and management
  • Visualization and advanced graphics
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Numerical simulation
  • Software development
  • Rendering, animations and video setting

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What you buy

  • Workstation with 2 sockets for Intel Xeon processors
  • Un chassis tower or mid-tower with 2 CPU Xeon, RAM starting from 32 GB, dual hard-disk in RAID1 starting from 300 GB SATA 10,000 RPM, dedicated Nvidia graphic card
  • Linux with 64 bit (distribution by choice), 6 months remote support (which is renewable at the expiry date)
  • Hardware warranty, starting from 2 years on-centre

Additionally, as options:

  • Aethia HPC Suite software platform
  • Extension of hardware warranty and of the software support service
  • Monitor, keyboard and ergonomic mouse
  • Graphic card Nvidia Quadro/Tesla for advanced graphics or GPU computing
  • UPS: continuity tower group
  • User data backup solution
  • Purchase on instalments with tools renting


  • Up to 24 processors on the same computer.
  • A high performance working station with a low initial investment.
  • A complete turnkey product: we handle the installation, configuration, testing, staff training and software maintenance service.
  • It is also available with Intel® Xeon® processors from 4 to 24 core: our experts can support you.
  • Aethia HPC Suite: all the software you need is already included!
  • It includes 6 months remote technical support (which is renewable at the expiry date).

Typical applications

  • Individual researchers or small research groups
  • Professional offices
  • Research & development and/or design departments
  • Software development

Do you need more?

Talk to our HPC experts to customize the solution based on your needs. Our consulting services include data study and analysis, design, implementation, completion and optimization of parallel and non-parallel computation algorithms, developing applications and ad hoc software environment and many others.