Aethia is also ... Aethica

The IT technologies contribute in a certain way to environmental protection, if we think to dematerialisation that reduces paper consumption due to process digitalization or reducing travels due to telematic network use. Nevertheless, there are always two sides of the story, as IT machines consumes lots of electricity for their production and operation, and in computer centres the absorption of energy for cooling is very high. The industrial production and consumption are two factors that are directly responsible for the carbon dioxide emission (CO 2).

Even if during recent studies the “ecologic balance" is in favour of ICT, due to the spread of virtualization and cloud computing technologies, the attempt to reduce or compensate the emissions of CO 2 should be one of the ethical objectives of IT companies.

Within its programme Aethica, our company contributes to the compensation of CO2 emissions by participating in the Tree-Nation project. Being currently active in Niger, Columbia, Nicaragua, Madagascar, France and Costa Rica, the project is aimed to plant trees to help the reforestation, fighting the climate change and improve local economy by generating new jobs and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Visit our trees on Tree-nation site!

Aethica choice

At the same time, Aethia supports projects and associations for social support and international cooperation:

  • Village Adeane - Senegal
  • Arcobaleno AIDS Association - Torino
  • Casa delle Donne di Ivrea (TO)
  • Hospice Casainsieme onlus - Salerano (TO)
  • Istituto scolastico Comprensivo Ivrea II
  • Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias.
  • Missione Possibile Onlus
  • Lusanga Project - Congo
  • S.O.S. India onlus