Beolive Cluster Manager

Full management

Cluster computing technology give us today computational power with an optimal price/performance ratio, it's open, accessible and well documented. In order to fully benefit from the advantages which it offers, it is important to have the tools that allow a correct management of the typical necessities of cluster systems.

Aethia Aethia Beolive Cluster Manager is a full software solution for cluster management based on Linux. It derives from a long experience in delivering High Performance Computing installations and provides a series of software technologies selected and integrated in order to respond to any need:

  • provisioning
  • monitoring
  • centralized user management
  • parallel command execution
  • network and parallel filesystems
  • optimized compilers
  • MPI and parallel computing tools
  • Infiniband stack
  • execution queues and job scheduling
  • checkpointing
  • modular user environment management
  • remote visualization
  • software updates
  • out of band management (IPMI)
  • temperature monitoring and email alerts
  • UPS integration

Beolive Cluster Manager offers a full and productive working environment for administrators and users.

What it includes

Beolive Cluster Manager has a modular structure and it is made up of components dedicated to specific tasks.

Beolive Server

It is dedicated to management and provides the services necessary for the installation and management of the system. It can be delivered either as virtual machine installed on the frontend (or master node) of a cluster, or installed on an independent dedicated appliance.

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Beolive HPC Suite

It is dedicated to users and provides a complete software environment that includes all the tools necessary to optimally prepare and execute computational applications. It is installed on all the cluster nodes (frontend and compute nodes) by Beolive Server.

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Beolive Client

It is a user friendly GUI for Beolive HPC Suite, installed on the user's desktop computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). It allows launching jobs, monitoring resources, transferring files ... It includes a full SSH terminal and it can be used as an enhanced Linux shell.

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  • The basic version uses only carefully selected open source software, and therefore offers maximum availability and stability, cost savings and the flexibility given by open and well documented technologies.
  • It is designed to be extensible with commercial products that satisfy industrial quality and certification criteria.
  • It is equipped with a user friendly graphical interface that helps also unexpert staff to effectively use HPC systems.
  • It is provided with all HPC systems from Aethia, but it can also be installed on third parties hardware.
  • It is based on Linux operative system and it offers endless possibilities of customization based on specific needs.
  • It is provided with documentation, training for administrators and users, and with a remote technical support service (6 months) which can be extended.