Solutions for research

Accelerate research

The research world is more and more characterized by the demand of big computing capacity. Computer simulations let you do experiments with reduced times and costs, and the availability of infrastructures and software for parallel computing becomes of primary importance for reducing computing times, but also to be able to face problems that are unreacheable with conventional computers.

To build efficient HPC systems requires experience and a deep knowledge of the hardware and software resources used. In general, a good solution should provide:

  • maximum performance in execution times, through a careful selection of hardware components according to software application needs;
  • high availability both at software (stability) and hardware (minimum failures) level;
  • scalability and flexibility in order to be able to easily expand the computing capacity in time;
  • user friendlyness for users and for system administrators;
  • reduced purchase and operating costs, in regard of the effective performances.

Aethia's offer

Aethia has gained a specific experience in the field of hardware and software HPC solutions for scientific research, and has established over the years relationships with several universities and research centers all over Italy.

We are specialized in the delivery of fully-equipped and ready-to-use systems, and we provide a flexible support service that accompanies the customer in each phase of the deployment and operation of the system, including the development or adaptation of computing codes.

We pay serious attention to costs optimization and to performances maximization, as well as to the possibility to dimension the systems according to the budget and to make them easily expandeable in time.

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