High performance computing

The value of know-how

Efficiently investing in an IT infrastructure is an operation that must take into account not only the initial purchase, but also all other issues connected to the management of systems, from operating costs and hardware and software maintenance. You will gain maximum advantage if you rely on a serious and competent partner or you will obtain it from the investment during the lifespan of the systems.

Based on your requirements, we will design and install pre-configured and ready-to-use solutions.

What we offer:

  • Experience and professionalism for you to optimize your investments
  • Definite time for solutions deployment
  • Support and assistance for systems use

Software development for scientific applications

We develop and incorporate new software packages and libraries for numerical computation, more precisely for processing and visualization of data, in Windows and Linux.

Learning and training

We provide training courses for specific staff training both on cluster administration and management and the parallel programming techniques.

What we offer:

  • Customized training courses
  • Tests and examples related to real system

Specific services for high performance computation

Parallel programming

We design and develop parallel software applications or we adapt your source codes to operate in parallel.

Codes optimization

We examine your computation codes to identify optimizations in terms of algorithms, programming language, codification, computational libraries, compilation, and any eventual parallel implementation.

Numerical simulations

We undergo studies and evaluations of the numerical simulation problems up to identification, development or adaptation of the most appropriate computation code.