How we work

Targeted consultancy in 4 steps

We offer customized hardware and software solutions to achieve your business tasks with optimized investments.

Our approach starts from two main aspects:

  1. We work together with the client to have a better grasp of its needs and to maximize the price-quality-performance ratio of the proposed solutions.
  2. We offer a post-sale service to support the user during the start-up and beyond.

How our projects are structured?

Requirements gathering
Hardware selection
Software Project
Deployment and support

Requirements gathering

We work together with our clients to share objectives and scenarios, taking into account the characteristics of each organization and project. For example, a University might prefer to maximize the computing power, while a Company might chose to combine the performances with high levels of reliability and adherence to certification and / or staff training to reduce the learning time.

Hardware selection

We rely on the best hardware vendors with which we have established partnerships to offer high quality systems, carefully selected, and customized warranty services. All our systems are tested before the delivery to offer to our customers a truly efficient service.

Software project

One of our strengths is the choice and installation of complete software environments. They include the operating system, middleware, libraries, tools, and application packages. Thanks to our Beolive technology, the use and administration of the systems are more productive and efficient. Our systems are provided with all the software tools pre-installed, ready to use.

Support service

We provide, included in the purchase, a remote software support service for a start-up period to ensure the necessary technical support and the full achievement of the objectives. We intend the support as a way to work together with the customer and maintain a constant relationship of collaboration. At the end of start-up period the support service can of course be extended.