Beolive Server

Everything under control

Beolive server is the control centre of the Aethia cluster systems. It makes available all the software tools necessary for the installation and management of the systems and it can be used for:

  • provisioning
  • software updates
  • system administration
  • monitoring
  • maintenance
  • recovery

Beolive Server is the result of our experience of more than fifteen years in delivering HPC systems and it is based on a selected and integrated set of open-source software tools able to repond to all the typical demands related to the operation of Linux clusters.


Beolive Server is available in VIRTUAL or APPLIANCE version.

Beolive Server VIRTUAL

It is a running on the cluster's frontend. It offers all the essential functions for the operation of the cluster and it needs very low resources: it is designed to be activated only if needed.

Included features:

  • Management of compute nodes profiles
  • Provisioning of software images for frontend and nodes
  • Update and configuration of nodes
  • Workload monitoring
  • Local repositories for tests, package installation and update
  • Parallel execution of commands on all nodes
  • Resource monitoring (hosts and services)
  • Out-of-band nodes management

Beolive Server VIRTUAL is installed on all Aethia's clusters with no additional costs.

Beolive Server APPLIANCE

It is a compact and low power appliance, able to integrate with the cluster and the external network in an optimal way. As it is independent from the up/down state of the cluster nodes, it offers higher flexibility and additional functions, among which:

  • host monitoring, frontend included
  • environmental temperature and humidity monitoring
  • email alerts
  • frontend installation/recovery
  • nodes installation/recovery
  • hosts out-of-band management, frontend included
  • backup on local disks or network storage
  • always on access poin for remote support

Beolive Server APPLIANCE is available on demand for any Aethia's HPC cluster.


  • Accelerates the deployment of HPC systems
  • Improves and simplifies administration and maintenance tasks, due to a dedicated and independent environment
  • Helps protecting the hardware, the data and the global investment
  • Ensures an efficient and accurate support service

In evidence

Beolive Client is integrated into Beolive Cluster Manager:

Beolive Cluster Manager

Beolive HPC Suite

Beolive Client