EXA-Duo redundant server

Give continuity to your business

Exa-Duo is a redundant server able to increase the continuity of services important for your business: your applications are run in a virtual machine which, in case that the main server fails, can start immediately on the backup server, minimizing services interruption.
Exa-Duo server are ready to use and can be used to manage the failover of:

  • ERPs
  • company databases
  • ecommerce
  • file servers
  • web sites and Internet services
  • video surveillance

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What you buy

  • A failover cluster with 2 active-passive nodes
  • A hardware configuration that includes:
    • 12U fully-equipped rack
    • 2 servers: chassis 1U with 1 Intel Xeon CPU, RAM starting from 16 GB, hard disk starting from 1 TB SATA 7.200 RPM, hardware management IPMI2
    • 2 Ethernet switches 1 Gbit/s (optional: Infiniband QDR 40/56 Gbit/s or Ethernet 10 Gbit/s)
    • 2 rackmount uninterruptible power supplies
  • A software platform for High Availability based on the Proxmox open source software and DRBD file system technology, 6 months remote support (renewable)
  • Hardware warranty starting from 2 years on center

In addition, as options:

  • Extensions of the hardware warranty and of the software support service
  • Console with monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Dedicated storage unit (Fiber channel or iSCSI)
  • Solution for user data backup
  • Remote monitoring service with email/SMS alerts
  • Full-managed service: full management of the system on our side (you can dedicate yourself to your work, we take care of the rest)
  • Housing system in our server rooms
  • Deferred payment through renting programs


  • It is a flexible system due to the possibility to host a virtual machine that hosts customer's operative systems (e.g. MS Windows) and applications.
  • It is designed to offer the possibility to small and medium companies to acquire a failover cluster with a low investment as compared to other solutions available on the market.
  • It is comparable with all main applications and services: you can easily install in the virtual machine the software you normally use.
  • A complete turnkey product: we handle the installation, configuration, testing, staff training and software maintenance service.
  • It includes 6 months remote technical support (renewable).

Typical applications

Enterprise server for:

  • SMEs
  • Professional studios
  • Big shops
  • Internet Service Providers

Do you need more?

Talk to our HPC experts to customize the solution according to your needs. Our consulting services include data analysis, design, implementation, integration and optimization of software applications and many others.