Our Mission

Implement high quality IT solutions, easy to use and close to people's needs.

Our aim is to build on creativity, professionalism and multidisciplinary approach to develop people-friendly solutions close to the needs of users. To promote accessible technology and knowledge is for us a model of innovative development and stimulating both professionally and personally.

We work daily with the Universities and the research sector, with a perspective of continuous exchange and collaboration, to share the results and improve our products. This allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions, tested and ready for use in different production environments.

Our work philosophy leads us to favor hardware and software technological solutions open-source to achieve our goals in a fair balance between technological development, ethical and economic.

Why "Aethia"

"Aethia" is the scientific name of a seagull that lives at low latitudes.

The seagull has always been for us an effective metaphor for what we try to do. At the technological level, in fact, those who use high performance computing systems choose in a way to acquire wings and take flight. But also at the level of business idea the seagull is a symbol of the values dear to us, that this brief extract from "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (1973) we hope to communicate.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull is no ordinary seagull. It is a seagull that discovers the beauty of flying, which seeks perfection in flight because it believes that flying has innate beauty. It does not want to follow the others, it rejects living in flocks, it does not want to fly to find food; it has got other ideals, an ideal of freedom, of spaces and blue sky, of heat and light, wind breeze and foaming sea. It wants to struggle and stand out, to get the things it believes in, also with the risk of not being understood by others as it. Therefore, it becomes the symbol that has the courage to follow its inner law and not being influenced by prejudices of the others. It is a metaphor that reflects the human condition often built in tough schemes and roles which cannot leave room for fantasy, aspirations and dreams. Richard Bach, (Jonathan Livingston Seagull) Richard Bach, Il gabbiano Jonathan Livingston